French Treebank


Since the beginning of the project, many versions of parts of the corpus are in circulation. We can not guarantee their quality.

The version distributed in this website is the 1.0 (2016): 44 files with metadata, POS tagging annotations with components of compounds, syntactic annotation with constituents and functions, validated by hand.

The corpus is distributed in several formats:

In order to download the corpus, you need an identification number. Otherwise, one can download the lite version (693 Ko).

Please check the users list before asking one. If your institution is already registered, that means you are already able to download the FTB. In other case, please fill the form below to apply for a licence for research purposes only.

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If you are not in possession of a valid ID number, please fill the form below in order to register for research purposes only.
If your use of the FTB may involve a private company or any product development, please contact us for a commercial licence.

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Main terms:

  • use the FTB only for internal research purposes,
  • not make any copy except a safety one,
  • not redistribute it (or part of it) outside his project nor ouside his institution,
  • not sell it or use it for any commercial purpose. Contact us for a possible commercial licence,
  • mention the corpus origin and University Paris-Diderot (laboratory LLF) in all his publications about these results,
  • redistribute to University Paris-Diderot (LLF laboratory) any improved or enriched version he could make of that corpus.